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    in cleveland

    It’s been almost 2 months since I moved to Cleveland.  Two months!  And it’s home now – and I know it is because when I talk about going to Marietta for whatever reason – I don’t say “I’m going home” I say “I’m going to Marietta”.  That was not the case originally.  Home is a loft apartment on West 4th Street. Where it smells like home because today is ‘sauce and meatballs’ day.

    I’m really enjoying my new job.  It’s a 12 minute walk to work – from my apartment to my desk.  I work with really nice people who have made me feel welcome.  They’ve either done it on purpose – or it comes naturally to them – either way it’s really appreciated by me.  The work is similar, but different…  just enough that I’m tired at the end of the day from learning new work in a new way with a new employer.  It will take a while I know. 

    One of the first questions people ask me is if it was really hard to leave the Marietta house.  I understand that question – after all we bought that house when Evan was 2 weeks old, and he’s now 21.  There are so many memories there – but the physical presence of that house isn’t important to the memories.  They are still in my mind and in my photos.  Driving away the last time I didn’t cry like I thought I would.  I know it’s because I was ready to go. And I've had amazing support from my family and friends.

    So there is much to do in Cleveland and I’m just getting started.  There are amazing restaurants and many of them within a few blocks of me.  My daughters keep asking me “Have you gone to dinner by yourself yet?”   This is, of course, one of those things that I know I need to learn to do.  Yes – I can get a new job and move myself to a new city, but I’m still intimidated by eating at a restaurant by myself.  My girls – both living in NYC always say to me when we’re in a restaurant there “look around Mom, there are all kinds of people in this restaurant by themselves.”  I promise I will work on it.  At some point.  And I’ll bring a book so I don’t just sit there staring at the other diners.   I will let you know how it goes.

    To those of you who are worrying about me – don’t.   I’m truly happy here.   But any visit by any of you for any reason would make me happier.


    Photo of a niche in my apartment - with my new gorgeous blue Fenton bowl - brought to me by Donna - the first of my friends to visit me in Cleveland...  she suggested this blog should now be called "urban Karen" - and i agree... 

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    Home has always been where I shut the door of my home, so now it is in Meylan, it used to be Marietta, like you, and many other places....eating alone works really well with a terrace, you can just do the "watch people walk by"or with a kindle, like you just hinted. In a big city, Paris or other, we often eat 'Alone". LOTS OF HUGS FROM FRANCE........

    June 8, 2014 | Unregistered Commentercaroline

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