Monday, October 20, 2014 at 04:18PM
mop top

We all know unhappy people. And people who are just mean. And sometimes we make excuses for them – because they’ve been making excuses for themselves. And we feel sorry for them.

This is what we say:

She/He has had a hard life.

Her/His_________________(fill in the blank with the appropriate sentence ending)

                 Husband/Wife left her

                 Dad was an alcoholic

                 Mother has cancer

She/He _________________

                Doesn’t have many friends

                Can’t find a good job

I don’t want to sound unsympathetic or uncaring, because I’m not.  We’ve all had things happen to us that have crushed us and left us broken.  And instead of being miserable we’ve chosen to be happy anyway.   I know a lot of those people.  I am one of them.  So are my 3 kids.  And many of my good friends.  

Those mean people?  I can't imagine how miserable they must be every day. When my kids were little and were hurt by other kids who were mean I could only think to explain it to them this way: 

"They must be mean because no one is showing them love". 

Because there is happy all around you.  Just look. Where do you find your happy? I had many many moments of happiness lately.  And there’s a pattern.  It’s all about relationships.  Friends.  And Family.  And Friends who are Family.  Laughter.  And Bacon.  And children who run up to hug you when they see you.

My happy is found in all of those places.

I would say that I hope you’re lucky enough to find it so easily too, but it's not about luck.

It's about choice

& thankfulness

& showing love

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