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    they call them love apples for a reason

    Tomatoes are my favorite food.  If it’s not summer or early fall I don’t even attempt to eat one except for the grape tomatoes – which frankly - are good any time of the year.  And I would never order tomato on a sandwich unless it was tomato season and I already have vetted the restaurant and know their fresh-tomatoes-in-season policy.  Otherwise disappointment ensues and no matter how good the atmosphere or the company, the meal is ruined.

    Growing up my dad only ventured into the kitchen to prepare two things.  Fried Potatoes.  Tomato Salad.  Both of which are completely delicious.  In the summer he’d take the tomatoes from the plants growing in the back yard and cut them freehand with a paring knife – no cutting board needed.  Add olive oil, red wine vinegar, dried basil & oregano, salt and pepper.    Then the tomatoes sit for a while – never in the refrigerator – and it becomes the thing dreams are made of.  Tomato dreams.  If you’re a true tomato lover you know what I mean.  After the tomatoes have been consumed there is a liquid in the bottom of the bowl that is almost as good as the tomatoes themselves – the leftover olive oil, vinegar, tomato juice and seeds.  At this point we tear off pieces of bread to sop up the juice at the bottom of the bowl – and that may just be the best part.  Makes my heart beat fast just thinking about it.

    So here we are – at the beginning of arguably the best time of the food year – tomato season.  I can and will eat them at all three meals of the day.  And consume them in every form possible.  Fresh off the vine, warm from the sun, tomato salad, tomato sandwich, with mozzerella & basil, pasta with fresh tomato sauce, and the most perfect of sandwiches – the BLT. 

    Tomato goodness. Just makes me happy.

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