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    all in your head

    We don’t get to choose what we are intrinsically passionate about.  We don’t get to choose if we are musical people or artistic people or athletic people.  Those kinds of things are in our DNA & our brain chemistry.  I’m a creative person.  I like to make things.  I knit, sew, quilt, draw, and cook.  (Yes – cooking is included in the ‘making things’ category).   It’s why I’m in the design business.  I’m creating something.  Some people - if they are lucky - are more than one of these kinds of categories.  (And obviously there are many more categories than the ones I’ve listed.) I’m mostly passionate about making things, books, & entertaining.  Oh and I love to sit around with interesting people and have deep conversations about anything but politics. What category is that?

    I really like music, but I’m not musical, and I’m not passionate about it.  I never wanted to learn an instrument or sing.  And trust me.  You don’t want me to.

    I really like sports, but I don’t like to play them or work out.  I’m not athletic in any way.  I didn’t get the physically coordinated DNA.  I can’t play sports where they throw anything because if a ball were to come my way I’d close my eyes and duck.  Oh how I wish I was one of those people who loves to go to the gym, but I never will be. 

    When people think it's amazing that I can make beautiful things, I don't think it's a big deal because it's what I was given.  On the other hand, those of you who excel at all those other things I can't do at all? Wow I'm completely in awe of your talent.

    You know that question from “Inside the Actor’s Studio”?  What profession other than yours would you like to attempt? Sheesh.  I love what I do, and I can’t think of something else that I’d like to attempt.  Except to own a bookshop/café/paper & fabric store with workshop space.  Where I could make things, and cook things for people.  I'd be surrounded by books & paper & fabric, and have smart, funny, fascinating people join me.  You're all invited.  And I’d live upstairs so I’d never have to leave.  And then I’d invite the musical people to come and play for us. 

    That sounds perfect for me. 


    photo above: the latest thing I've made - the Union Jack quilt that I made for my oldest who will be graduating in June from Goldsmiths College in London. 

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