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    Busy signals


    Recent Conversation:

    Someone I haven’t seen for a while:  “How’ve you been?”

    Me:  “Busy, really busy”


    I’m calling myself out on this one.  That’s a conversation I engage in often, and “I’m busy” seems to be my unconscious response.  I recently found the saying above and it got me thinking about the whole concept of busy. 

    Truth is.  I am just kind of busy.  But only because I’ve chosen to be. Busy is a relative term. In comparison to other times in my life I’m a different kind of busy.  I’m not busy with kids running to a million school functions or babies and toddlers who can’t be left alone and need constant attention.  I’m busy with my job – which has been quite a bit more stressful lately, and with my community involvements and my friends. 

    Busy with things that are choices.  It’s true of most of us.  We’re busy because we’ve said yes to everything's that offered to us instead of deciding to say no to some.  Our kids are in dance and gymnastics and golf and crew and soccer and girl scouts. We’re involved with our churches and our community.  None of that is bad.  It's the opposite of bad. We need for our kids to try things and not sit around playing video games. It’s how they will find their passions.  And our churches and communities need people to be involved and volunteer – I am involved because I think it’s important.

    But - somewhere along the way we’ve forgotten to temper the ‘being involved’ with more of the ‘being still’. We’ve forgotten that we can encourage our kids to not be involved in a sport and an activity every season.  Your kids are probably as perfect as mine, but chances are they are not going to be an Olympic caliber athlete or get an athletic scholarship to a Division I school.  It’s ok for them to have some down time.  It’s better than Ok, it’s necessary.

    Busy doesn't make us more important.  Not being busy doesn't make us less important.  It's not a measure of our worth. 

    I’m not really that busy. I don’t have kids at home, and I’m only managing my schedule. I’m busy with things and people that are important to me. Because of my reclusive tendencies I've made a conscious decision to stay involved with some things just to get myself out of the house. But at any moment I could say no and be less busy. 

    So can you. 

    To not be busy means you can be at home with a book. To make a slow cooked meal and linger at the table with your friends and family. To put together a puzzle with your kids or fall asleep while watching a movie.

    Sounds pretty good huh? Breathe. Relax. Enjoy. It will all still be there tomorrow. 

    Stop the Glorification of Busy. 

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